Purgatory 4 - June 2.-3, 2018

!!! Important: Please declare the Names and Dates of Birth of ALL Ticketholders in the "Note-Field (during ordering Tickets) - Anmerkung" (In case you buy Tickets for more than 1 Person). The Tickets are personalised and we certificate them on the Ticketholders Name !!!


Please declare your Ticketnumber when ordering Autograph- or Photo-Tickets, so that we are able to allocate the Tickets better. 


We refer to our terms and conditions, which you can find here: AGB. With purchase of Tickets you explicit accept our terms and conditions.




Paying in installments (1 Installment each month and a total of 3 installments - we'll split the total amount of payment into 3 installments) is possible from an invoice amount of 300,- Euro. If you want to pay in installments, please write "Paying in Installments" into the note field "Anmerkungsfeld".

Due to more work for us there is a fee of 15 Euro to pay with your last installment.



English Ticket descriptions always below the German descriptions.


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