Purgatory | May 27. - 28th 2017 | Dusseldorf

Purgatory is an unofficial 2-day Convention with Starguests from a popular TV-Series, which includes creatures from heaven & hell and in-between - aka Purgatory! 


We expect between 5 - 8 Guests from the Show. We are happy to offer you this Event in Germany. The Starguests will spend the whole weekend with you and entertain you with Panels on Stage. In addition there will be Autograph-Sessions and Photo-Shootings with the Starguests.


Many other great announcements of activities, such as a karaoke party, a costume contest and workshops will follow during the next couple of months. 


Only up to 1170 Attendees will be at the Convention, so make sure to get your ticket before it's to late!


Do not miss the chance to meet your favourite actors of your favourite TV-Show.




Richard Speight Jr.

Matt Cohen

"Young John Winchester"


Rob Benedict


Briana Buckmaster

"Sheriff Donna Hanscum"

Special Guest:

Ruth Connell


Kim Rhodes

"Sheriff Jody Mills"

Special Guest:

Sebastian Rochè


Master of Ceremonies:

Gil McKinney


Purgatory will take place from May 27th - 28th 2017 in Dusseldorf Hilton Hotel.


You can find Information to all Details in our Purgatory FAQs


You can find Information to our location here.



You can purchase Tickets to our Convention ONLY in our Ticket-Shop:



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