Purgatory FAQs

What is a convention?

A convention is a fan event for fans of film and TV-Series with starguests (actors of the specific films or TV-Series) which attend panels, autograph-sessions and photo-shootings. In addition to that workshops will be offered and attendees get the chance to take part in costume-contests, auctions, raffles and Meet & Greets with the starguests. Nowhere else will attendees get better opportunities to talk to their favorite actors, meet other fans and to party with people who love the same film or TV-Series. 


What are panels?

Panels are talks with the starguests on stage. Our guests will be on stage to answer your questions. They may talk about behind-the-scenes fun and it’s the perfect opportunity to find out more about facts you always wanted to know about your favorite series/favorite film etc.


Can I ask a question at a panel?

Yes. Together with the guests our MC will be on stage to moderate the panel. If you want to ask a question you need to go to the microphone in the middle of the corridor. In addition, (if you are too unsure to ask the question yourself) we will give you the opportunity to submit questions for the panels at the registration desk. The MC will additionally ask submitted questions during the panels.


Is it allowed to take photos during the panels?

Yes, it is allowed to take photos during the panels without flashlight. Only during the first 5 minutes of the panels it is allowed to take pictures with flashlights.


Is it allowed to record panels or other activities at the event?

No. It is not allowed to film or to sound-record anything at the event. Our stewards will take care that nobody films anything during the event. If you do film or sound-record anything, you have to be aware that it can bear the consequence of exclusion of the event.


How old do I have to be to order tickets?

In general you have to be 18 to be able to order tickets and to get admission to the convention. If you are younger than 18, you need to bring a permission of your parent or legal guardian to the convention together with a copy of your parent or legal guardian's photo-ID. If you are younger than 14 a parent or legal guardian needs to come to the registration desk with you during the registration process of the convention, so we can be sure your parents allow your attendance.


How do I register for the convention?

After you transferred the amount of payment to you will receive an electronic ticket (E-Ticket). This is your E-Ticket which contains your name and a Code. You will need to bring this letter, along with your photo ID to the registration desk to collect your registration package. If you are underage, in addition you need to bring a copy of your parent or legal guardian along with a letter in which he/she confirms that you are allowed to take part.


Will an event programme be online before the event?

Yes, a complete programme will be online about one week before the event.


Is it allowed to speak to/take pictures with/ask for autographs of the guests during their free time?

If the guests are ok with it, of course it is allowed to talk to them, but please don't crowd them. We need to ask you not to take pictures with them or ask for autographs during their free time (outside of autograph-sessions and photo-shootings). Please remember that the guests are people, too. Please respect their privacy.


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